Slit Lamp YZ5F

Slit Lamp YZ5F

Model No.︰SL-YZ5F

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Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Haag Streit Type

5 steps, & 9mm aperature

The product is the mainstream type in market with excellent performance and high quality.

Advanced Galilean stereoscopic microscope
Five-step magnification range from 6X to 40X
9mm aperture provides broader and clearer field of view
Special-layered, multi-coated to transmit light more efficiently
Available for digital

Microscope TypeGalilean stereoscopic microscope
Objective MagnificationFive Steps Drum Magnifications
Eyepiece 12.5x
Slit Width 0mm
9mm adjustableSlit is round when the silt width is 9mm
Slit Height1mm8mm adjustable
Packing Volume: 720mm*495mm*480mm
Total Weight: 24kg
Optional AccessoriesBeamsplitter, DSLR Camera adapter, CCD Adapter, Applanation Tonometer, Measuring Eye Piece, Trihedron Lens, Gonioscope, Funduscope, Aspheric Lens, Teaching Tube