Auto Ker/Refractometer

Auto Ker/Refractometer

Model No.︰YFA6500

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Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description


Range of measurement

Sphere:    0~±20D  0.125D step
Cylinder:    0~±8D   0.125D  step
Axis:    0°~180° (1°step)
PD:     45-88mm, 1mm step
VD:        0mm, 12mm, 13.75mm
Min. Pupil Size: ¢2.0mm

Radius of curvature: 5-10mm(increment:0.01mm)
Corneal power: 33.75-67.50D(when corner equivalent refractive index is 1.337)
                        (increment selectable from 0.12, 0.25D)
Corneal astigmatism: 0-8.00D (increment selectable rom  0.12, 0.25D)
Axis: 0°~180° (1°step)
Corneal diameter: 2.0-14.0mm(increment:0.1mm)
Memory of data: 10 measure value for each right and left eye

Chart: follow-up colorful fogging chart system
Display:    TFT LCD (7'')
Printer:    Thermal print
Power supply:    220V +10%  50HZ  60VA
Dimensions:    478*268*472mm
Weight:    ~20KG

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