Visual acuity measurement card

Visual acuity measurement card

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Raster, percentile value is 0cpcm2.5%, 0cpcm5%, 0cpcm10%, 0cpcm25%, 0cpcm50%, 0cpcm75%; 0.50cpcm2.5%, 0.50cpcm5%, 0.50cpcm10%, 0.50cpcm25%, 0.50cpcm50%, 0.50cpcm75%; 1.0cpcm2.5%, 1.0cpcm5%, 1.0cpcm10%, 1.0cpcm25%, 1.0cpcm50%, 1.0cpcm75%; 2.0cpcm2.5%, 2.0cpcm5%, 2.0cpcm10%, 2.0cpcm25%, 2.0cpcm50%, 2.0cpcm75%. 
Dimension: 240*160*45mm; (Set Of 4pcs, 6pcs or 12pcs)

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